Where our name came from?

It is obvious that the name Paycado is coming from the fruit Avocado and it is not incidentally.

Avocado is the only tree in the world that needs love and to pair with another avocado tree in order to give fruits.

The same way we give all our passion and love to Paycado. It is the same way we pair with our customers, to create ultimate product that match each of your needs.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to provide affordable and secured multinational payment services, adding value to our customers and easy to use solutions. By innovating and developing payment and financial services, up to perfection, where everyone can access their financial assets easy, securely and from everywhere in the world, to start their business or support their family across continents. We strive to combine banking and technology, with one goal….Creating Bank of the Future.


Made with passion

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